Alberta Western Uplands Ranch

The Lodge


The historical log ranch house, which now serves as the hunting lodge, was built in 1903 from logs that escaped a huge log boom, 250 miles up river. All the logs were hauled by horse and buckboard, which made the building of the house a very tedious task. If you go by boat along the Red Deer River, you will see numerous log structures built at that time. There is also a sod roofed log barn, which is still used, and a log blacksmith shop and garage. The roof of the log barn is beautiful when the cacti growing in the sod are in full bloom! Photographs of the log barn and house are featured in the book “Cowboys”, by Dudley Wifney and B. Byron Rice. “Cowboys” is a collection of pictures and stories of ranches throughout Western Canada and the United States.

The log home has been modernized, yet the flavour of the western environment still remains. Many people that have stayed in the house have made reference to the peacefulness and tranquility of the home. The house is a bungalow, however some of the rooms were constructed at different ground levels. The old timers said this was the first “split level’ in the west!

Natural springs half way up the steep riverbank provide water for the houses, lawns and livestock. Nature’s gravity is sufficient for water pressure, so there is no need for a pressure system. This is great, no water pumps to break down!

After a day of upland bird hunting, put your feet up and relax on the original roofed-in veranda just as the early ranchers did a hundred years ago. Absorb the beauty of the well-manicured grounds and the breathtaking view of the expansive river valley.

Experience good “old western” ranch hospitality and enjoy the mouth watering taste of home cooked ranch style meals!

It’s an experience you won’t forget!